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PFF Podcast: Mobility +
Exploring the present and future of human mobility.

Hosted by Piaggio Fast Forward's Chief Visionary Officer Jeffrey Schnapp, the PFF Podcast covers a wide range of topics from robotics and tech to the design of walkable towns and cities, always with an emphasis on the human factor: how can we move about the world more enjoyably, efficiently, and sustainably? And how, in turn, can we reshape the built environment to foster a sense of community, freedom of movement, and the quality of life?

Recent Episodes
Episode 02

On this episode of the PFF Podcast, Sara discusses some of the key arguments of her forthcoming book, What Can a Body Do? How We Meet the Built World, from the affordances of ordinary objects such as ramps to how disability opens up new perspectives on the design of cities and the built environment. Learn more about Sara’s book here.

Episode 01

Shane O’Mara is a noted neuroscientist and author who explores brain systems supporting learning, memory and cognition, and brain systems affected by stress and depression. On this episode of the PFF Podcast, Shane and Jeffrey delve into the cognitive, social, and cultural benefits of walking, walking's role in human evolution, and its fundamental association with mental processes from high level thinking to creativity.